March 26, 2015

“North” hits 1,000 views on YouTube


The video that started this whole thing, “North”, has just hit 1,000 views on YouTube.  Huge thanks to Grove St. Media for filming it and thank you to everyone who watched and shared it!  If you haven’t seen it, check it out right here.

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February 5, 2015

“The Common Collapse” is everywhere

album cover

Greeting friends!  A brief update about where you can find our debut EP “The Common Collapse”


  • Available for digital purchase on bandcamp, itunes, and cdbaby.
  • Available for hard copy purchase at any one of our shows, and at  Absolute Vinyl and Bart’s Music in Boulder.
  • Being heard on radio stations like KRFC, KAFM, DeliRadio, and Front Range Radio
  • Our single “North” is being featured on the non-profit (Combo) Colorado Music Business Organization’s homepage for the month of Febrauary.


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January 13, 2015

“The music scene in Boulder is ready for more bands like Augustus…” – Resound Magazine

resound interview-edit

resound interview2 - edit

This past week we had the pleasure of sitting down with Haley Midzor of Resound Magazine at CU to talk about our formation as a band, our latest EP, and what we have planned for the future.  Big thanks to Resound for taking the time to meet with us! You can read the full interview here.

“The music scene in Boulder is ready for more bands like Augustus who are determined to grow and cultivate the local music community.  Although these artists are ridiculously talented, it is their relentless passion that will bring thing them happiness and success.” - Resound Magazine

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December 2, 2014

Augustus live on the radio


This past week we had the pleasure of traveling to Fort Collins and performed live on KRFC 88.9FM.  KRFC is a community based radio station that hosts a program called “Live at Lunch” which airs 5 days a week.  This program brings in local and touring acts for a 1 hour in-studio performance and interview.  We’ve uploaded the entire show onto our Soundcloud page.  Enjoy!

Live at Lunch

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December 1, 2014

“The beauty is that it never sounds like one genre, but instead truly blends the styles” – Marquee Magazine

cd cover

We are happy to report that the Marquee Magazine had some kind things to say about our debut EP The Common Collapse.    You can read the whole review here!

“Boulder acoustic trio Augustus has only been together one year, but their debut EP The Common Collapse sounds as if they’re pulling decades of history around with them – and in many regards they are.  The five-song EP seems to build on a patch-work quilt of styles and influences from the great songbook of Americana.  Bluegrass, folk, jazz, and blues are all tightly stitched together side-by-side with incredible synergy. ” - Marquee Magazine  12/1/14

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October 27, 2014

Augustus joins national acts for Denver show

lions lair show

We are stoked for this upcoming show at the Lion’s Lair in Denver.  We get to share the stage with some serious national players.  Here’s a glimpse of the lineup and what people are saying:

Lion’s Lair – Denver

Thurs. Oct. 30

8pm – $6

Devin James Fry – “…stripped-down, intimate country ballads reminiscent of Willie Nelson’s Crazy: The Demo Sessions. Fry’s formidable clawhammer work is everywhere, along with Salesman [the six-person band for which Fry provides vocals and guitar] drummer Clayton Lillard’s masterful playing, moments of sparse harmony, and an expanse or two of trance-inducing reverb. ‘Bloodstone (I’m Not Afraid To Die)’ is a psychedelic lullabye equal parts comforting and defiant, title track “Headwaters (Song For Gatherer)” evokes a roadhouse along a burnt stretch of I-50 coming out of the Rocky Mountain foothills, and closer “Skate” seeks forgiveness in still-warm sandstone.” – Ragazine

Grace Askew - “It’s not everyday that you come across a female singer who gets compared to Tom Waits. But with Askew, it makes sense. It’s not that Askew sounds like Waits, but it feels like he could have been her grandfather teaching her all his tricks with word play and diction. The art of telling a story.” - Thomas D. Mooney – New Slang

Grant Sabin – “Although blues is a more aged category of music, Sabin brought out a wide variety in his crowd, aging from young to old. Most of the audience, at some point, went to the middle of the floor in front of the stage to dance. Sabin started the show on stage alone; it did not stay this way for long. He began to add other musicians and, by the end of his set, he had the stage filled with the Flumps and two trombone players. Sabin’s brilliant adaptation is what could bring the blues back on top again.” - Lauren Newman – The Scene




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October 22, 2014

Augustus announces CD release show



Friends and fans!  We are very excited to report to you that our debut EP “The Common Collapse” will be released Friday Nov. 14th and we are celebrating with a killer CD release show at the Biergarten in Boulder.  Our good friends Whiskey Autumn will be opening the show. They have just released their debut CD as well so it will be great chance to pick up two band’s CDs!

We’ll also be debuting brand new merch and having contests and giveaways throughout the evening.  It’s a not to be missed show!



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October 8, 2014

This behind the scenes mini-doc previews the upcoming debut EP from Augustus


In July 2014 the gentlemen of Augustus embarked on a perilous journey into the very high mountains to record their debut EP.  Rather than trying to attain polished perfection, the boys tracked the album live to capture what has been described as a “reckless gem”.  The 5 songs on this EP capture a moment in time and offer a preview as to where the band is heading.  Go behind the scenes to see Mad House studios, meet the gentlemen of Augustus, as well as sound engineer and mad scientist Tim Stroh.


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